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François Lemieux
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Recording artist Sébastien Gazaille hopes to release album by summer

For three years, Dorval dance music recording artist Sébastien Gazaille has been working hard on his music project and an album launch scheduled for this summer could mean success on a large scale.

Gazaille entered the world of music at the age of 21 following the publishing of his first book “Le Temps”, a science fiction novel about a long gone futuristic civilisation. The thrill of writing got to him and he decided to try his luck in the world of music.

“The book gave me my first taste of show-business, because the literary world is very similar to world music (releasing an album is much like releasing a book). To write a novel takes considerable time. It may take a year, as it may take 10 years. I thought that until my second novel came out, I wanted to immerse myself in another area of show business that would keep me active and creative. I always had a passion for music so I took the opportunity presented itself to me after my first book and I dove!” he said.

Gazaille’s started out by releasing a single entitled “Fame” that came out in 2009. Released by the American label Kult Records, Fame made it big and a dozen remixes were done by well-known DJs such as Cato K, D-Unity, Szeifert and many others.

Encouraged by the success of his first release, Gazaille continued on his path of releasing singles but not before all ties were severed with Kult Records because of a question of royalties.

“Over the months, communication with the label was increasingly difficult. I contacted them to find out when I would receive my first payment, they responded that it would be soon. I did end up receiving a meager check from them, even though I know that this song was one of the best sellers of the company in 2010. Our relations have deteriorated so quickly and we cut contact shortly after. They were unwilling to pay me what was due,” he said.

In 2010, Gazaille put all his energies into music and the fruits of his efforts were two new singles on which videos were shot. First came “5 seconds,” a put-down song written after a difficult break-up in which he blatantly tells his ex-lover to leave in a hurry.

Believing in his potential, Orangerine, a design and production company from Montreal accepted to shoot a videoclip for next to nothing according to Gazaille which proved to be a major break for the Dorval native.

“They worked hard for my two videos. I was very happy to know that a company was willing to work as hard for a song that I made. That was the time I realized I had potential, that people really believed in me. At the time I was not known and did not have many contacts in music. But they believed in my potential so they decided to do almost a free video with me. It turned out beautiful I think. It opened another door even more in the world of music,” he said.

The video has been added to Youtube in November of 2009 and has garnered over 2,000 views so far. Orangerine liked the finished product and decided to shoot another video last summer for another one of Gazaille’s songs, “Just a lie.” Another song referencing the same ex-lover spoken of in 5 seconds. The video garnered over 1,600 views so far.

Now, with 10 songs ready to go, he works hard to finish three more to release an album, which would represent the culmination of his efforts since 2009. Gazaille would like to have 13 songs on his first album and launch it this summer. For now, his songs are available on iTunes, the largest online music store but he says that it is hard to reach Quebecers due to the fact that people in this province have a tendency to still buy hard copies of albums.

“I'm really excited because it's been three years since I’ve started working on this. With all the singles that have come out occasionally and two music videos, It was the most natural path to go and release an album. I cannot wait,” he said.

If all goes well, the album should be out this summer but the road won’t stop there for Gazaille. He has started talking to the dancers who worked on the “Just a lie” video about mounting live performances.

“For now, I did not show either so it's hard for people to follow me. So I’ve thought about putting together a live show with some of my songs. The first step is going to be the album and after that we’ll see,” he said.

You can follow Gazaille’s career through his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Sebastien-Gazaille/46385571826.

You can follow Gazaille's career by viewing his facebook page at



Here is the link to his latest videoclip, "Just a lie":




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