Mazda 2

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Pocket size fun

The Mazda 2 was originally launched in 2007. First introduced in Europe, Japan and Australia, since then, it has been highly acclaimed throughout the world, winning 48 automotive awards, including “Car of the Year” accolades in many markets, including Japan, New Zealand, Chile, Bulgaria and Greece. To date, total global sales have reached approximately 370,000 units in the three years since its introduction. But the real beginnings of the Mazda 2 ancestor goes back event further. Originating with the introduction of the Mazda 121 in 1987, this B-segment small car was based on the Mazda D-platform. Ford also used a version of the first-generation known as the Ford Festiva. It was redesigned for January 1993. Kia also built versions on the same platform, both for itself and for Ford's sale as Ford Aspire in the United States, which Kia sold as the Pride and Avella.

A new approach to small car

Until recently, most people bought small cars because they wanted a vehicle that's affordable, economical and easy to live. But car manufacturers are now trying to make us want them because they look good and are fun to drive. With the price of gas going up and the buying power going down, our appetite for small cars has grown, newer models have become more comfortable and better equipped than the cardboard boxes of the past. With the arriving this year of the Ford Fiesta, the Chevrolet Spark and the Mazda 2, the sub-compact segment will be red hot. What looks promising for the Mazda 2 is the design. With its sweeping curves and pronounced wheel arches, looks as if there is a sports car under its skin, trying to escape. It’s probably because the Mazda2 was designed by Ikuo Maeda, whose father designed the original RX-7. Small does not have to be boring anymore.

From a small engine to a welcoming interior

The Mazda 2 is quite nervous for it’s size. It makes good use of the modest power from its 1.5-litre, four-cylinder engine and turns out reasonable fuel consumption figures. It's not the most frugal in its class but it's not the thirstiest either. And, happily, it takes regular unleaded fuel. The manual five has a beautiful, precise shift. The four auto works also well, with smooth, predictable changes. Forward vision is good thanks to the low, sloping side front windows, although rear three-quarter vision can be obscured by the small rear windows. The quality of materials in the cabin is good and the presentation is excellent. All buttons and dials are logically placed and the controls precise to operate. It doesn't feel like a budget car at all. There is a reasonable amount of storage space although others in this class (such as the Honda Fit and the Nissan Versa) likely have the edge in this regard. Rear seat room is slightly tighter than some of its rivals but it makes up for this with a bigger luggage space.

Nevertheless, the new Mazda2 made a very good first impression. The combination of style, quality, efficiency and fun-to-drive dynamics makes it a fresh change in what was once a staid market.


    Very agile city driver

    Quality materials

    «Peppy» driving for a Small engine


Slow transmission

Should have beeb hère earlier

Braking fades a little quick



L4 1,5 l DOHC, 100 hh @ 6000 rpm

    Torque 98 lb-pi à 4000 tr/min

    Transmission 5 speed manual,

    4 speed automatic  (option)

    0-100 km/h 10,5 s

 Top Speed 165 km/h

Fuel economy: 6,8 L/100 km

Tires : P185/55R15


    Wheelbase 2489 mm

    Lenght 3950 mm

    Width 1694 mm

    Height 1476 mm

    Curb weight. 1043 kg auto. 1067 kg

    Turning radius 9,8 m

    Trunnk 377 l, seat down 787 l

    Fuel tank 43 l

 Price : 13 995 $ À 19 280 $

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Recent comments

  • neanderpaul
    February 18, 2012 - 08:39

    It's so rare that people get the 121/festiva/pride/nassim info correct. You did well. A little more accurate info is that the ford festiva was assembled by Kia, that Kia sold it as a pride, and that Saipa continues to sell this car as a Nassim in Iran. Nice article.