Is the Governor-General left out of the loop?

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Does he know what's really going on?

Is he out of the loop?

Ever wonder if the Governor-General even knows what's going on in government?

Or is he there just for the symbolism?

We've got our answer this time. The other day Governor-General David Johnston was sent a secret note from the highest levels of the federal government about what our soldiers are doing in Kabul.

For a year Stephen Harper has been telling us that our troops are in Afghanistan to train Afghan soldiers. Sounds plausible.


Now it comes out in Johnston's secret note that our 950 soldiers are in Kabul and thereabouts "to free up American soldiers to fight elsewhere."


That sort of sums it up. Our soldiers are fill-ins for Americans who have something more important to do.


At least they don't go around murdering Afghan families in their beds at night.


And you thought Johnston was left out of the loop? Guess again.


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