Senator-Boxer Brazeau insults reporter

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Refers to her as a bitch

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Two weeks ago Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wrote on his "Twitter" account that the Deputy Premier of Alberta, Tom Lukaszuk, is "a complete asshole."

Obviously he doesn't like the fellow, but must he share that with the world on Twitter?

The message went to fellow Alberta Conservative MPs and from there out to Alberta and soon it was headlines in Alberta newspapers.

Kenney was in hot water - very hot water.

Someone in the office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper called and told him to apologize publicly, which Kenney ended up doing, more or less. He had to do it properly a second time.

One would think that the Conservatives might have learned their lesson.

But then this week, Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, the fella who was beaten up in a boxing match by the very clever Justin Trudeau last March, must have missed the lesson.

Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn wrote for the wire agency that of all 105 senators, Brazeau had the worst attendance record rate in the entire senate last year.

He had attended only 21 percent of the 79 sessions of the Senate. His attendance on the Senate committee on First Nations was even worse.

Brazeau was four days away from being fined for his poor attendance. And that for a 39-year old senator paid $ 134,400 a year until age 75, to be followed by a lifetime pension of $ 95 000 a year for the rest of his life.

We're talking more than $ 6 million. That should be worth at least more than a now-and-again visit to the Upper House.

What Ditchburn wrote was accurate. It was simply that it did not please Senator-Boxer Brazeau.

He referred to Ditchburn as "a bitch" on his Twitter account by advising her to change her to change the ‘D" in her last name to a ‘B" so she would become "Bitchburn" which he said would make them "even."

His tweeted misogyny has earned him immediate and widespread criticism on "Twitter."

And once again the boys in the prime minister's office were calling up and demanding a public apology. Brazeau apologized after a little coaxing.

One wonders who among the conservatives are "Tweeters" and who are merely the "Twits. "


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