Ottawa Budget More Political than Financial

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Conservatives are preparing their elections

Not a great budget after all...




Opposition parties are saying the Jim Flaherty budget this week is a sham without substance or much value.

Not true at all! The budget achieved what was intended.

Okay, so it does nothing for the jobless, the homeless, youth, and indigenous peoples except that it does accomplish the primary goal of Stephen Harper and his gang of political toughs.

It prepares the way for the Conservative Party leading to the next general elections in October 2015 in a masterly fashion.


And that's the main thing that interests Stephen Harper now – how to get re-elected. The rest is detail.

For the past 10 years now that Flaherty has been unable to balance its budget. And finally this year he does it, matching off a $3 billion surplus against a $2.9 billion deficit.   But this is not the year to reveal that publicly.

Next year, the election year, is the year to announce the budget has been balanced, and show off what a master of a finance minister he is so the electorate can sweep the Conservatives back into power.

Harper has to have balanced budget to get re-elected. After promising it for 10 years and having to eat his words every year, he needs to deliver. After all, he’s the guy whose yearly deficits added an extra $160 billion dollars to the national debt. Nobody ever did that in Canada.

Flaherty was able to balance the budget this year because he cut here and there and everywhere without so much as a thank you.

Remember he closed nine Veterans Affairs offices across Canada to save $ 104 million.

He doubled yearly health services premiums paid by public service retirees who will pay $ 550 a year rather than the $ 261 per year they pay now.

The Harper government spent $ 8 million advertising their great youth employment program during hockey games on television when the program didn’t even exist. They had not even signed the deal with the provinces.

Now Flaherty is telling us they’ll go ahead on their own April 1 this year

without the provinces.  "That’s April Fools’ Day, Mr. Harper! »

Flaherty plans to sell off billions of dollars of government assets - buildings, equipment, roads, even government services. Everything is for sale it seems, except maybe the Parliament Buildings.

But the big savings this year are $4 billion in cuts to Harper’s National Defence budget.

Flaherty says the government will hold back on those $ 100-million-dollar Lockheed F -35 Harper war planes, a $34 billion fleet of new warships, and $100 million of armored cars and military trucks.

Flaherty says we can hold off buying that military stuff. Pray we don’t have another Afghanistan.

The bottom line is that with all the cuts in the budget, there will be enough for Harper to play Santa Claus in the fall election next year.




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