Vlad impaled by John Baird

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Nasty comparison to Hitler

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird impaled Vladimir Putin on Canadian television Monday night. He compared him to Adolph Hitler and his Nazis.

Baird said that Russian troops attacking Crimea under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians recalls the invasion by Hitler's troops of the Sudetenland in 1938, an area that was part of the former Czechoslovakia.

Baird made ​​the remarks on the CBC political show Power & Politics.

It’s obvious that Baird was angry. But why compare Putin to Hitler, who is viewed by the world, and especially Russians, as a war criminal responsible for the deaths of 20 million Russians?

Why try to get Putin angry ? Is that the best strategy to convince him to pull his troops out of Crimea?

Remember Justin Trudeau on the set of “Tout le monde en parle.”

Trudeau said on the air that the loss by the Russian Olympic hockey team before its own supporters could anger Putin into invading Ukraine.

The Conservatives were all over Trudeau for that remark. They forced him to apologize – not to Putin -- but to Ukraine, which Trudeau did.

But the day after Baird’s insult, Putin moved into even more of Ukraine.

Does Baird regret what he said? Not at all!

And will Baird apologize to Putin? Not on your life!

Baird never apologizes to anyone.

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