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The morning after

Imagine for a moment that your retirement has finally arrived. You wake up—with no alarm clock—on the very first day of the rest of your life. You get out of bed … and then what?

Dominic Iannuzzi: Investment Manager

How do you imagine your retirement? Of course, planning for your retirement is not easy. Once we roll up our sleeves, only on the financial aspects. But retirement is not just a question of numbers. The psychological components are just as important. Because it's not always easy to include such aspects in retirement planning, let's take a closer look.

To find happiness at retirement, you need to pay special attention to establishing strong social ties, taking part in recreational activities and having a sense of accomplishment. Making the most of your strengths and getting involved in various causes are effective ways to feel good about yourself and develop new relationships. Let us also remember the importance of challenging yourself every now and then. There should be no time for boredom in retirement and you should never, under any circumstances, feel useless. The psychological weight of these types of feelings could really spoil your idyllic retirement. Maybe you already know this, but have you really taken the time to think about it?

Think about yourself and your loved ones. Also think of what you enjoy doing now and of what you dream about. Is it volunteering? Giving seminars? Kite surfing? Skiing? Fishing? Or is it visiting vineyards around the world? Any hobby that's close to your heart must be considered. Without a doubt, I'm sure that you won't want to spend the rest of your life, as goes the proverbial cliché, lonely and bored, sitting in your rocking chair.

Planning for retirement ought to cover more than just the financial components. Giving serious thought to the non-financial aspects should be an integral part of your comprehensive retirement plan. Many resources that can help are at your disposal. Turn to your advisor - he certainly has more than one trick up his sleeve! 



Dominic Iannuzzi

Investment Manager

National Bank Financial

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