Selling can be hard, but not if you have a plan.

Eros Greatti
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Selling can be hard, but not if you have a plan.

Few years back I had the privilege of contributing with real estate star Tatiana Londono on a project for the ever popular TV show “Buy Me”. I was called in to give my perspective on a home for sale. In what became of the most popular episodes for the series. The homeowner priority was to sell without spending a penny, her ideas were very different to those proposed to her in order to increase her chances of a sale. It was a fun challenge and after a few compromises the house sold!

If you are fixing your home because your intention is to sell, you should consult an expert in depersonalizing your home. This means that the environment is transformed to appeal to almost anyone taking the prospective buyer tour of the property. Successfully managing the appropriate transformation is the job of a qualified professional; someone whose job is to create the perfect environment for those open houses agents host to promote and sell your home.

If you can take an objective approach to selling your home, this transformation process can be quite easy. But, for those of you who want to keep the status quo, with all its memories and emotional attachments, the selling process can be much more difficult.

By manipulating the environment and doing some quick, easy, inexpensive renovations, not only can you increase the chances of selling your home, you can also shorten the time your home is on the market and even get more money than you originally expected, something that nowadays is hard to do, but not impossible!

Let me offer you one great tip you are not going to be disappointed you tried. As an example, in a room where the predominant color is blue, the compliment to it is found within the family of yellows (obviously depending on the tone), if don’t want to paint accents on walls in a blue room, accessorize with a standing lamp in gold with a lampshade that includes tones of yellow, also, display a vase filled with flowers in tones of green and purple. Orange tones will make for a happy flower arrangement but can be perceived as aggressive, so be careful in particular with coral toned orange flowers. Make sure the flowers are fresh, not bruised, and naturally scented. A natural scent is a great way to make anyone feel great and welcomed. On the other hand, scented aerosol sprays can give someone who is sensitive to smells an instant asthma attack, making the tour of the property unpleasant and probably short. You should take advantage use this tips, even if you are not selling.

A great real estate agent with a fresh approach to selling and promoting, and the help of a staging expert, brings results! The last time I staged a home, it was on the market for only one day. My client was so pleased that I was immediately asked for advice on which home she should buy after she completed her sale.

Good luck and happy selling!

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