Editorial:It's time for right on red on Montreal Island

Marc Lalonde
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With the advent of a new gas tax Monday, the price of fuel rose once again. And although regular commuters and the large majority of West Islanders have no control whatsoever over the price of gas, we do have the political power to help spur change when necessary – and boy, has it become necessary. It would be very hard to calculate exactly how much cash goes up in smoke – literally – when cars wait unnecessarily at a red light when waiting to turn right on Montreal Island, but with fossil fuels being finite and all, it doesn't take a genius to realize that energy conservation is but a right turn on a red light away. If only those of us living on Montreal Island were able to experience such thrall – but we're not. Montreal remains the only jurisdiction in North America where right turns on red lights when the way is clear are forbidden. In New York City, the turns are forbidden if there is signage indicating so, but even there – the most populated sector of North America – the turns are allowed.

It's an idea whose time has come and even passed us by. Let's make those turns legal and stop sending all that money up in smoke.

Geographic location: Montreal, North America, New York City

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