Controversial Queen of Angels housing project can be modified: Dorval

Anthony Abbondanza
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The number of housing units in a controversial housing project slated for the western portion Queen of Angels Academy’s land in Dorval is not set in stone, according to a city official.

A private construction firm intends on transforming this soccer field into condos and townhouses in the near future.

The Chronicle has learned the 231 condo units, 28 townhouses, and six to eight single family dwellings in the latest Espace MV project plans “can be modified,” according to city spokesperson Sebastien Gauthier, speaking on behalf of Dorval’s urban planning director, Mario St-Jean.

As such, the developer, Groupe IBI-CHBA, can alter the current plan city council gave the green light at an April 28 council meeting after they adopted a concordance bylaw amending zoning rules as well as an amendment to its urban plan, allowing the project to proceed.

According to the mayor, the city could no longer keep the developer from waiting on a decision which hinged upon a bylaw that restricted the zone to educational use. He said modifications had been made to improve upon the developer’s previous plans.

In February, the original plan called for 288 housing units –a mix of condos and townhouses – rather than the current 265.

 “I think this deal is good for everyone,” the mayor told angry residents at city hall in late April.

Residents of Boylan and Tremont avenues and Handfield Circle are angry with city officials, claiming the decision was rushed to allow a high density housing project.

“We all understand you can’t keep land vacant,” said Tremont Avenue resident Camil Sayegh. “Doesn’t mean you can build anything you want without consideration from the people in the city.”

 The average density of the current project is 85 housing units per hectare, more than twice the minimum threshold in an area the city rezoned to allow high density housing. Surrounding zones are less than 30 units per hectares, comprised mostly of single family dwellings.

Residents want to see less condos and townhouses and more single family dwellings.  The concern is the added congestion to the area, more specifically Bouchard Boulevard and the adjacent proposed condo units.

The city cited an internal study, indicating the popular Dorval boulevard can handle the added congestion. The study is not available to the public.

The developer has yet to submit its final plan for the project to Dorval administration.

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Geographic location: Boylan, Tremont Avenue, Bouchard Boulevard

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