Furry casualties of moving day

Anthony Abbondanza
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Gracie is a four-year-old poodle that, like hundreds of unwanted pets in Montreal, was a furry casualty of moving day.

Under the care of Rosie Animal Adoption’s foster care program, Gracie the poodle will wait for a suitable home.

The poodle was left abandoned in an unidentified apartment in the West Island and is now under the safe care of Rosie Animal Adoption services.

“I can’t put a number on how many dogs have been abandoned,” said founder and director Anne Dube. “We’ve had quite a few dogs come here, and luckily, we’ve done very well with getting them adopted.”

With more animal restrictions in apartments and condos in place, more dogs find themselves completely abandoned, dropped off at a shelter, or accepted by dog adoption agencies like Rosie Animal Adoption before and during July 1.

According to Dube, the agency has accepted dogs that were left abandoned or unwanted as a result of moving day as early as May, a month she described as “one of the busiest.”

Rosie Animal Adoption, like most other dog adoption agencies, accepts 10 to 15 dogs at a time, and cares for them via its established network of foster care and adoption programs.

“When you take too many dogs you become overwhelmed,” said Dube, who founded the dog adoption agency in 2001. “They wouldn’t get the same care. We prefer quality over quantity.”

Some people take the easier route. They just show up to some shelter and dump their dog Anne Dube, founder and director of Rosie Animal Adoption

 As a result, not all are as fortunate to land under the care of a dog adoption agency.

“Some people take the easier route. They just show up to some shelter and dump their dog,” said Dube.

The same is true for Ile Perrot’s Animatch, founded by Helen Lacroix in 1999. The dog adoption centre also accepts a limit of 15 dogs at a given time.

According to Lacroix, people are becoming more prepared to deal with stringent landlords and their pet prohibitions.

“Instead of waiting until the last minute or just leaving a dog behind, the months of May and June saw many unwanted pets due to moving,” she said.

The Animatch founder said there’s a need for education, and that a “pet is a lifetime commitment.”

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Geographic location: West Island, Ile Perrot

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