We are looking for youths that stand out because of their contribution or dedication to sports, arts and culture, charitable activities or education. An Applicant may be all the more remarkable for entering despite physical or psychological limitations.  Finalists and laureates will be invited to attend a glamourous gala dinner night on October 22nd, 2014, at Pointe-Claire's Holiday Inn. We will also publish a special insert showcasing our youths with outstanding talents. The 15th edition of this magazine will be published on the week of 26 October 2014 in the newspapers Cités Nouvelles, The Chronicle, Le Messager Lachine & Dorval, and Les Nouvelles Saint-Laurent News. Selected finalists will be awarded honorary certificates during the gala, on top of being the lucky recipients of quite generous prizes. Over $20 000 will be awarded in grants.

To participate, fill out the form and send it by email to publisher@tc.tc

To print the form, click here