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Kim Manning
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Disorganized eclectic’s got style.

Hi Kim! Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your home decorating article. You have such practical advice on such an overwhelming subject! One question I have: Is there such a style as disorganized eclectic? I have tried picking out my favourite things (colors, wood finishes, metals and fabrics) and I now have a big pile of stuff in the middle of my dining room table. Oh well, dear husband, guess we have to go out to eat again in one of the new restaurants here in The Villages! HELP!!! Rosemary<@$p>

Reader mail answered.

Rosemary, have you ever picked up a copy of Cosmo? In every issue they have at least one quiz that will tell you whether or not the guy you’re with is the right one or what kind of lover you are. You read a statement or question, followed by four possible answers and choose the one that best describes you. It’s easy to pick out the statements that you don’t agree with. I usually get stuck with two possible answers, one is a sometimes answer—when I’m feeling adventurous, while the other is probably a more realistic or honest answer. Defining what you don’t like is easy; figuring out what you can live with can be a little tougher.

It sounds to me, like you have an adventurous side that you’re trying to mix in with your everyday one in equal parts. I’d like you to try again, only this time I want you to choose three objects from each of these categories (colour, wood, and metal.)

What you’re looking for is a common theme. Though the three metal choices you’ve made might appear to be completely different, when you step back and have a second look you realize that two have a similar patina or finish. These are you’re stapes, the metals that you’ll use 80% of the time and the third is your adventurous side (this could be used as accents.)

Start with your, I never tire of this, answers when designing a room, then layer them with your adventurous side. It will create a more interesting design. The truth is great designers worry much less about matching. Perfectly matched rooms are boring, as are the occupants of those rooms.

Disorganized eclectic… sounds good to me, anything but boring. Have a personal style question or interior design conundrum? Have a great local style resource? Please send them to me . . . we want to hear from you! Send e-mail questions, comments, insults or complaints to

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