Two Pointe Claire policemen honored for heroic rescue

Véronique Leduc
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Dorval and Pointe Claires’s PDQ 5 agents, Guillaume Paiement and Éric Pimparé received an award from the Quebec government after saving the life of a woman. If it weren’t for the agents, she would have suffered a four floor drop from an appartment building on Pardo Street in Pointe-Claire. The event took place in 2012.

Agents Paiement et Pimparé received an award from the Department of Public Safety for protecting the life of a citizen who wanted to end her days.

They received the Medal for meritorious at the National Police Academy in Quebec, during a ceremony that is held every year on Police Day recognition. For the occasion, 22 heroes from various Quebec regions were honored. Cross for bravery and honor Quotes were also given.

Early in the morning of October 13 2012, agents Paiment and Pimparé were called to an apartment building in Pointe Claire, where there was an apparent suicide attempt.

When the arrive near the apartment building, they see the lady – bearing a laceration to the throat – through the open door. She was handing a kitchen knife to a man – the neighbor that contacted 911. Officers decide to enter and the lady immediatly screams and runs away. In the blink of an eye, the officers pursued her to prevent her from committing the irreparable.

She goes to the balcony, violently opening the door – which bounces off the wall and hits officer Paiement on the head. Paiement gets on the balcony and sees the lady hanging from the railing. She decides to let go, but the officer grabs her wrist on time.

The woman struggled, but agent Pimparé, recovered from the blow, comes quickly to help his colleague pull the lady back onto the balcony and bring her inside the appartement. Already there, the ambulance took over to provide care to the lady.

“Thanks to Paiement and Pimparé’s speed and tenacity, the life of a desperate woman was saved," said Minister of Public Security Lise Thériault during the ceremony.

Known by cops

According to the decorated policemen, the young woman - about 25 years - had problems with drug and alcohol. She was also known to suffer psychiatric problems. The day before the intervention, the two agents had transported her into her home - she was in tears outside her home. After the October 13 rescue, they haven’t seen her. She no longer lives in the area an acquaintance said. “15 minutes after the rescue, she didn’t remember what happened and doubted that so many people had ended up on her wobbly balcony”, said agent Paiement. “A third policeman helped us to bring her back up. In all, six police officers were on the scene.” “It is a gesture that may seem heroic, but we do it all the time,” he said. “It's part of our job. We become police officers to make a difference and when it ends well, it’s great. This is a normal gesture. All officers of our team have acted in the same way.” At 30 years of age, agent Paiement has practiced his profession for nine years. Teammate Eric Pimparé appreciates having received the award. At 35 years old, he has been a cop for eight years. “It's nice to receive a pat on the back and being told you did a good job,” he said. “Too often, in the media, we see cases of police brutality. It focuses on scraps of intervention and we bang on cops’ heads. This kind of intervention, we don’t talk about it with anyone It is our sergeant who made the arrangements for us to be rewarded for the rescue.”

Crack house

The owner of the Pardo Street building, Lucie Lajoie, told The Chronicle that the young woman had problems with drug use. “In 2011-2012, I spent two years of hell. One of my tenants had people shooting themselves with drugs and the young woman was one of his clients,” she testified.

Being herself a resident of the building Mrs Lajoie was not present during the rescue.

Since 1972, 298 medals have been awarded by the Public Security minister.

To get urgent help, for you or a close one, contact Suicide Action Montréal, at 514 723-4000.

Organizations: National Police Academy, The Chronicle

Geographic location: Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Pardo Street

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