Inexpensive French classes

Stéphanie Alcaraz-Robinson
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Anyone who wants to learn French is invited

Ardis Root, Principal of the Sources Adult and Career Centre in Pierrefonds is passionate about the French class that has been offered to adults. Virtually tuition free – there's only a small student fees in order to enroll. The only prerequisite: having an interest.

Classes are organized so that the student has not only a more comprehensive way to learn the new language, but also to stimulate and make the learning more interesting. A teacher gives magisterial classes, complemented with computer labs featuring Rosetta Stone software.

"Students will sometimes come up with new words, and I'll ask them where they got it from," said French teacher Tarik Ziouane about the software used in class. He is very grateful to have this tool and did notice that students are keener on doing their work. It also gives him a chance to study his own students are be more in tune to their needs.

"If I see someone who needs more help, I am there. On the contrary, if I see someone who learns rapidly, I can go deeper with them," Zioune said, pinpointing it as a strong suit of the Sources' program.

French is hard

"They are learning to conjugate in a natural way – by hearing properly," said Root about the program.

"When are a new center and when we talked about the culture building for the centre, what came accross is that we really care about our students," said Root. For the principal, it is important that students feel welcomed and that their expectations are met – and that also goes for French classes.

"The environment is a very important factor", noted Ziouane. He explained that learning a new language can sometimes be intimidating and that the fear of being laughed at is present. He is very glad that this does not become an issue at the centre and every student has a fulfilling experience.

According to him, some students find French very difficult – especially for newly arrived immigrants. They will tend to panic, but he says that he is always on the lookout and does his best to find subjects that will touch them.

Chris Eustace is taking French classes at the Centre. The retired teacher is now running for the Lester B. Pearson school board chairman position and felt that he could ameliorate his French skills. He felt it was imperative for West Islanders to know about this opportunity.

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