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Broadcast board meetings

There were only four people present from the public at the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) meeting on Aug. 27. I think this is unfortunate, because important issues were raised during the question period, and the Chairman, Marcus Tabachnick, gave revealing answers.

However, the real problem is the community was not part of the audience. Nonetheless, here is an idea that may be useful.

Go to Google and type: broadcast school board meetings. You will find the following info: in Sept 1999, the Cedarburgh School Board in Milwaukee proposed televised school board meetings because it would benefit senior citizens, the disabled, and the many people who have busy schedules who would like to follow the issues. In addition, they said it would ensure more accurate communication of board discussions and actions. A school commissioner said, “People would know exactly what was said by whom instead of relying on someone else’s interpretation.”

Closer to home, the Upper Canada District School Board Chair, Greg Pietersma, announced on May 16, 2007 that it is now broadcasting board meetings live on the Internet or on demand. He said: “This new media enables us to communicate more effectively with our communities and better serve our citizens.”

I think the LBPSB should broadcast live their monthly board meetings.

Chris Eustace


Marois mansion

Several years ago, while standing outside Parliament, a cortège of black security cars and a limousine pulled up to the entrance of the House of Commons. Pauline Marois, the PQ government’s finance minister at the time, had just arrived. Reporters yelled out to her as she got out of her car, “What do you think, Mme. Marois, of the just announced (large) federal money tranfer to Quebec?” She arrogantly and inappreciably yelled back “Ce n’est pas assez,” as reporters stood there, stunned.

So why are we surprised that her family mansion engulfs public government property, secured within its boundary? Clearly her $3 million mansion is ‘not enough’ for ‘la grande reine Pauline.’

Hank Gigandet

Pointe Claire

Kings of golf

I would like to express some annoyance at the way the President’s Cup was handled. It seems every major artery in the West Island had police officers barricading them. As a result, cars were grid-locking, honking, and road rage was exchanged by otherwise civil motorists. It was absolute pandemonium. This just so Tiger Woods would not have to slow down getting to the airport. Adding to the gridlock, an army of city buses was sequestered for the mission of taking patrons to the golf course. Speaking to some younger friends in Cegep and high school, I noticed that they also found it an extreme nuisance having so many city buses removed from service. In fact, some recounted that bus drivers were handing out union fliers explaining that the lack of service was a result of corporate and city action and not theirs. I feel as if just for these few golfers, our whole community was brought to a standstill for the kings of golf.

Itaat Wasty


Organizations: Lester B. Pearson School Board, Google, Cedarburgh School Board Upper Canada District School Board Chair House of Commons

Geographic location: Milwaukee, Quebec, Pointe Claire West Island Cegep

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