Week of February 22 To 28

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BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: February 22: Edward M. Kennedy February 25: George Harrison

Week of February 22 To 28


You are living through a period during which your determination will be very useful to you. You will be very happy to know just how much people appreciate you.


You need to assert yourself. You don’t want to be influenced too much by the people around you. You must have more faith in yourself.


You are on the verge of gaining access to some extraordinary things in your working life. However, Planet Jupiter brings you the capacity to manage your work well. Don’t tire yourself out.


Planet Neptune causes you to experience everything with a lot of sensitivity. You interiorize many of your feelings. This allows you to be very discerning.


You are capable of being happy at home. You shouldn’t always try to prove impossible things to yourself. Try to be aware of the good things you are doing now.


You need people to really listen to what you’re saying. What you have to say

is very appropriate. Don’t be too



You mustn’t hurt yourself uselessly by thinking about things from the past. Put a lot of energy into the present which is much more important.


The Moon causes your friends to confide in you. This has a big impact on you. You are able to make allowances.


You mustn’t distance yourself from those who have really proved themselves to you. You are in a period where you are really appreciated by others. Be aware of this and stop doubting yourself.


You need to take action as you really want to achieve some good results. Your judgement is very good at the moment. You will soon realize this.


You are very serious about everything which touches your emotions. You don’t like having the feeling that you’re wasting your time. You’ll be surprised to realize just how important you are to others.


You feel as if everything is happening much too quickly. You are living through everything with great moral energy. You are on the verge of improving the way you proceed in everything you do.

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