Week of March 1 to 7

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Week of March 1 to 7


March 2 Dr. Seuss

March 3 Alexander Graham Bell


You have a good sense of humour and at the moment this is a valuable asset. You are able to overcome certain difficulties. You will soon feel very satisfied about several aspects of your life.


The Sun causes you to be self-reliant in many areas. You are very competent and what you achieve is appreciated by others. You radiate happiness.


You are able to help others because you feel safe and secure at the moment. You have some great opportunities to succeed.


You are at a decisive moment in your emotional life. You know what is essential for your happiness. You’re beginning to understand some amazing things in your life.


You are heading towards situations where you will be a winner. This will have positive repercussions on every aspect of your life.


At the moment you can be self-confident as far as your work is concerned. Several people are relying on you. You are able to organize your financial life efficiently.


You understand several things intuitively. You are better able to assert your opinions. You will learn some surprising things. Be prepared.


You could be lucky in an amazing way. However, whatever this luck brings you, you mustn’t treat it lightly. This wouldn’t bring you happiness.


The Planet Uranus makes you very concerned about several things which you have never thought about before. You must try harder to realize your ambitions. You are heading towards things which are really out of the ordinary.


Your home is very important to you. This is a good thing. You are capable of quickly achieving many wonderful things.


You are learning to place more value on what is important for your equilibrium. Your feelings matter a lot to you. This is very positive.


Planet Saturn obliges you to be careful about getting into debt recklessly. You are on the verge of understanding some things which will be useful to you for a long time to come.

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