Week of April 12 to 18

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Week of April 12 to 18


April 12 Claire Danes

April 16 Charlie Chaplin


The Moon makes you susceptible to what others tell you. You mustn’t do anything which you feel is not right.


Soon you will be able to think about new things concerning your friendships. You are planning a trip with people you love.


You are heading towards situations where you will have to prove your willingness. This will have a big impact on you. Be sure to think about it carefully.


This is a week during which several things will make you anxious. You are in a phase where everything makes you more enthusiastic about your work.


You must be careful not to become too anxious. Soon, some difficulties you are experiencing will no longer have an influence on your life.


You like feeling comfortable with others. You don’t want any conflict. You want to be fair in everything you do.


You learn about some things which make you react very quickly. This is very important to you as you don’t want to hide your feelings.


Planet Uranus causes you to be better able to understand things on a human level. You realize without any help from others the value of several situations in your professional life.


You must be more aware of what could be good for you. This will give you more faith in yourself.


You have the need to realize just how good you can feel with the people you love. You feel that it is very important to have passion in your life.


Your way of living will soon be enhanced. You know what could be good for you especially where your personal ambitions are concerned.


You don’t want to distance yourself from the people you value. You realize just how much you need them.

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