Week of May 10 to 16

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Week of May 10 to 16


May 10 – Fred Astaire, Taurus

May 13 – Stevie Wonder, Taurus


You learn through your experiences things which will be very useful to you but which aren’t always easy to understand. This requires you to be very patient.


You want to lead a good life and would love to do everything possible to help others. However, this desire is not always understood in the way you would wish it to be.


You give a lot of importance to things from the past. You are beginning to realize just how much other people respect you. This makes you feel good about yourself.


Planet Mars causes you to have some major confrontations. You must be very sure of yourself. Know, however, that you will emerge the winner.


You can better understand what will make you happy. You are in a phase which will bring happiness to your life. Be assured of this.


You love ensuring that everything around you is wonderful. You know how to act with intelligence. This is really great for you.


You want to be fair but this isn’t always easy. Planet Neptune causes you to avoid being morally abused by others.


You will experience some extraordinary things. You are on the verge of being truly capable of fulfilling some of your dreams.


At the moment you are experiencing many changes in the way you love yourself and others. This could allow you to understand some very serious matters.


It’s possible that you will have several different responsibilities to assume. You will need to make allowances with a great deal of discernment.


You have a great sense of your personal worth. You know how to see what is good in others. This is really great.


You want to do a lot of studying on

your own. You like observing everything that is going on around you. This is really useful for you.

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