Week of June 7 to 13

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Week of June 7 to 13


June 8 – Frank Lloyd Wright, Gemini

June 10 – Judy Garland, Gemini


You are learning to see what could be compelling in your life. You feel you would like to enhance your inner self. You want everything to be good.


You are in a phase which requires a lot of finesse. Avoid disputes but try to make others respect you.


You understand everything in a very positive manner. Planet Mars increases your capacity for work. You are capable of surpassing yourself.


You want your life to be marvellous. You’re capable of finding what is best for you in all the different aspects of your life.


You have to understand just how efficient you can be. You are experiencing a lot of different things and people love the way you are able to cope.


You can trust your own intuition. You will soon be able to understand everything in a very profound way. You can really help others.


It’s possible that you will be able to make allowances concerning several situations especially if this involves your friendships. You are capable of really seeing what could increase your self-respect.


Planet Jupiter causes you to be more prone to work well and head towards success. This makes you feel really good about yourself.


You are aware of what could cause some complications in your life and, at the moment, you only want to know happiness. You are capable of seeing everything in a positive light.


You are at a critical point in your love life. You know what could give you great pleasure, morally speaking.


You are very curious and, at the moment, this brings several new questions into your life. You need others to see that you are really trying your best.


Other people could get the impression that you are very remote from them morally. This is not necessarily true but you want people to respect your need to give a lot of importance to your inner life.

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