Week of August 30 to September 5

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Week of August 30 to September 5


August 30 – Warren Buffett

September 1 – Dr. Phil McGraw


Planet Mercury causes you to question yourself regarding your family and friends. You are no longer sure of certain things. You feel morally exhausted.


You will soon understand very clearly what others are telling you. You mustn’t let yourself be hurt by small things. You are very proud of everything you undertake.


You are heading towards situations where you will experience some conflict. You will have to defend your ideas. You will be engrossed by this.


Planet Mars motivates you to really want to articulate things which you have felt for a long time. You are feeling very

serious at the moment.


You need to have more happiness in your life. You know what is important for you. Everything in your life becomes more precise. This is very good.


Planet Uranus causes you to need new challenges in your life. You know what really matters to you. This makes you morally stronger.


Planet Venus will soon enable you to understand everything with great inner strength. This mainly concerns your feelings. Have faith in yourself.


You will have the opportunity of putting more emphasis on your projects. You have high hopes. Your family is very important to you.


You feel the need to experience new things. You are capable of facing up to everything. This is very powerful.


You have some material problems to solve. You will do this with grace. You are capable of bringing refinement to everything.


You are watching how people act and you deeply dislike some things. You are on the verge of breaking away from certain situations.


You have a great opportunity to start doing things which will really please you. You could be very lucky. Don’t

forget this.

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