Is Something Rotten in Pierrefonds?

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During July and August there have been morning rush hour demonstrations on Sources, St. Jean and St Charles. The purpose of these one person demonstrations is simply to put pressure upon Pierrefonds to do what Dorval, Kirkland and other cities have done. Those cities have banned Le Tour de l'Ile de Montreal from their streets, unless the participants are invited to raise $$ for worthy causes.

With DDO banning the event altogether, it is impossible for the event to come to the West Island. Roxboro is too narrow and there is only a single east/west artery essentially till the 40.

So why, if the event can't enter Roxboro, won't Pierrefonds-Roxboro ban the event unless the participants are invited to raise $$?

Banning the event will only put more pressure on the organizers (Velo QC) to do as thousands of events like theirs do throughout the world.

The answer lies in the relationship that Mayor Gerald Tremblay has with Velo Quebec.

Michel Labrecque, founded thVelo QC and is its past president. Labrecque happens to be the Chairman of the STM and according to sources is the "prodigal son" of Mayor Tremblay and Tremblay is supposedly grooming Labrecque to be Montreal's next mayor.

On the day of the last election, Mayor Tremblay's party used Velo Quebec offices as a call centre. In 2010, Velo Quebec will be receiving almost $1 million (that I am aware of) from Montreal and the STM.

Does this sound like a conflict of interest?

Mayor Worth has been asked to do what is in the best interest of the residents of her borough and of humanity at large. Unfortunately (in my personal opinion) Mayor Worth's allegience is to Mayor Tremblay and Velo Quebec.

Until Mayor Worth does what is in the best interest of the citizens of her borough and of humanity at large, there are going to be continuing demonstrations on Sources, St Jean and St. Charles. There are going to be articles like this, plus letters to the editors of newspapers. There are going to be blog posts on and there are going to be questions at Pierrefonds-Roxboro council meetings that will make Mayor Worth cringe.

In the worst place for both charitable giving and volunteerism north of Mexico happens to be the largest cycling event in the world. The municipal politicians who do not put pressure on Velo QC to cooperate with charity simply help to perpetuate the dubious distinctions, and in my personal opinion should all be ashamed of themselves.


Agressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords. Theodore Roosevelt

Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose conscience guides his conduct will fight for principles unto death. Thomas Paine



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