Bad, Very Bad Garbage Collection and Health Hazard in Pierrefonds

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We replaced our small Garbage containers about 2 months ago, to the new size allowed by the city of pierrefonds, which is 120L Bins, immediately that bothered the garbage men and thats when our problem started. 

they destroyed the new Garbage Can, ripped up some of the garbage bags that were in it and threw garbage on the street, and some garbage they threw back in the broken Bin, they threw dirty diapers from the black bags that were in the bin onto the street as well as food and other trash all over my lawn, driveway and in the new bin now was bent out of shape,  soiled with garbage and nasty liquids that had dripped from the bags that they ripped... they also drained some liquid from the garbage truck infront of my driveway, wich gave out a foul smell to the whole neighbourhood, contained maggots, and was a health hazard to the my kids as well as the neighbourhood kids playing in the street.

We immediately called the city and complained and explained to them what had happened, they notified us that the 120l bins we had were perfectly legal and within the citys collection guidelines and that the garbage contractor had to pick them up, and they also told us they would speak to the contracted company and notify them of the problem and they would replace the new broken garbage bin that the garbage man destryed! 2 months latter the issue has not been resolved, everytime the garbage truck comes around they drain their nasty liquid infront of my driveway, and they soil the bins.

It happened again today... the truck came around and i was outside, i confronted the garbage man and asked him if he had a problem with our garbage, he completely denied it, after he picked up our garbage and took off i realized he drained the liquid under the garbage truck, which this time had maggots and a really bad foul smell,  again infront of my driveway! i called the city and complained again, 2 hours latter a lady came out to look at the mess that the garbage people had done... her conclusion was that there was no maggots, their was a bad smell and a mess but no maggots, they showed up 2 hours latter mind you, i called back again the city and spoke to the lady that came out, i expressed to her my concern and the health hazard and risk to my children playing outside as well as the neighbours children to which her response was  kids had no business playing in the street! we Live on a Cul-De-Sac and the children are always playing outside all summer long! 

After over 2 months of complaints i have gotten nowhere with the City of Pierrefonds, this story has to get out there, and i beleive the media is the best way! Citizens of the City of Pierrefonds, must be aware of the problems in our city, i dont beleive it is too much to ask to get proper garbage collection, after all, part of my taxes pay for that service,  and i do not think a citys contractor or anyone as matter of fact, has the right to intimadate  any Citizen and or Resident of the Beautifull City of Pierrefonds. If these contractors can not respect the citizens that ultimately pay their Salaries, i think they should be fired to say the least!

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Recent comments

  • gord fletcher
    July 25, 2013 - 13:16

    I am a former Pierrefonds resident, actually considering to move back there , but im concerned over whats going on, I left when the city was agglomerated with montreal, and so far everything I hear makes me cautious to move back, garbage collection a problem?, unreal, the blue collars and the contractors used by the city before agglomeration were highly effective in all functions and for the most part civic minded , trying to figure out whats happened to change things, acloset separatist running for city council(Michael labelle, the mayor not running in the next election? a ten year recreation plan not the plan of choice? whats causing the discontent, reduction of services quality? a not acceptable ten year plan? the former recreation director, now retired unfortunately but well deserved, never caused a negative stir, whats happening now? im very cautious about returning to Pierrefonds, actually considering other parts of the west island before Pierrefonds, definitely not my first choice prior to these issues, iwas a diehard supporter of Pierrefonds before and not knowing what the cause is of these seemingly multiplying serious issues has me thinking more than twice, about moving back.

  • Dani Pal
    November 29, 2012 - 21:37

    I suggest you be ready the next pick up and video or take photos of what is happening, Then call to arrange a meeting with your City Councillor. Also attend the Monthly Borough Council Meeting and describe what you wrote her and then ask the mayor directly "Do you consider this an acceptable level of service and 2) What do you plan to do about it? Get involved

    • gord fletcher
      July 25, 2013 - 13:25

      mr pals suggestion seems valid and hopefiully will work, with the current bs going on with mayoralty of montreal nd what I imagine is an administration in turmoil over it, leadership must come from within Pierrefonds, don't expect the vde m to provide it.perhaps a borough council inquiry, made up of volunteers to determine actual cause and effectmight be the answer... possibly could lead to deconglomeration of Pierrefonds , but lets get the facts first .