"Perfect Health" !?

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Do you believe that it's inevitable that we get sick as we age?  

What if that's not true?  There's a growing body of experience that questions that assumption.  We don't have to look far to see examples of 'old' people doing extraordinary things "for their age".  Some have been on the pages of this Chronicle.

As I get older, I am willing to entertain the possibility that I don't HAVE to get sick....  are you too?

So what would Perfect Health look like/ feel like/ BE to you?  Enough energy to do what we want to, enough flexibility and mobility to move without pain, clear digestion, restful sleep, vitality!

I've always believed that we find the greatest 'truth' by looking for where great paradigms of thought overlap and coverge.  So looking for ways to live this possibility led me to the combined wisdom of ancient {Ayurveda} and modern sciences taught by the {Dr. Deepak} Chopra Center unviversity.  

If you're willing to entertain the possibility of Perfect Health too - let's share this experience together.  

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