Kirkland Day Fireworks - near disaster!

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I am appalled by the events that took place during Kirkland Day after the fireworks. Compared to other years, I quickly noticed that the evening felt different. Rather than being a family event, it seemed like the evening was taken over by a bunch rowdy kids ready to cause problems. No sooner after the fireworks ended, a fight took place between what seemed like two gangs of kids. My wife overheard someone saying he has a knife! I took a picture of a kid who proudly held up his bottle of alcohol! Of course, no policemen in sight except for an empty patrol car (probably put there as a deterrent). My wife and I walked around in different directions looking for a police officer, but to no avail. Finally two cops on bicycles showed up (they confirmed to me there were no officers with the patrol car next to us). They noticed someone else with alcohol and the bottle was quickly removed from the youth. When things seemed to be getting out of hand again, they called for back-up. As my wife and I finally decided to leave, we noticed patrol cars arriving. The evening could have easily turned into a real disaster with serious consequences. I don't understand why, when an event like this takes place with a huge crowd on a Saturday night, the city of Kirkland does not make plans to provide enough security should things get out of hand!

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