Bus Driver saves Elderly Man

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In our lives today, we seem to be so focused on our own comings and goings that we sometimes forget to look up and notice the things that are happening around us.  Sitting on the 485 bus, I was thinking on this very subject, looking around all the tired Concordia Students, who most were slightly lost in their music, and wondering how far off we have veered from past generations and all the values that they carried with them.


Thinking to myself, I looked out of the window just as we had passed the St-Jean’s overpass. I, along with the other passengers, spotted an elderly man trying to cross the service road with a shopping cart; we watched for a moment while more than half a dozen cars whizzed past, trying not to hit the poor man.  We then fell witness to our own bus driver pull to the edge of the road and run out after the man in the street. For approximately ten minutes this good citizen ferried this confused man across a busy and dangerous road, while car after car continued to ignore and drive away from a harmful situation.


I then wondered to myself, how could so many people ignore a helpless man in such a dangerous setting? How could we, as human beings, be so focused on ourselves that we cannot stop for a moment and give assistance to someone in need? I was very proud to see that this working class citizen, who had probably spent a long day at work, stop to save a complete stranger; leaving only when assured of this man’s safety. And after that small feat of heroism, all that our driver said was “Sorry for the delay.”  Though, I do not know this man, I feel the need to commend him for proving that even though some may have fallen off track on the road of honest and decent behavior, that there is still hope for us yet.


Bus Info: 485 heading west

Leaving the Lionel Groulx station at 5:45 pm

Monday, October 21 2013





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