Bullies in Dollard Soccer are not only on the field

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To the West Island Chronicle,

I truly hope you will publish my letter as it was written with no malicious intent.  I only want to bring light to an unacceptable issue.


I am writing this letter to voice my concerns about how bullying and how it is treated lightly within the Dollard Soccer Executive Committee.


My son has been playing competitive soccer for over 6 years.  He is now 15 years old.  At this age, they know how to recognize bullying and they


expect the coaches to deal with the individual at fault consequently. The coaches did not act consistently and consequently the bullying and disrespect


behaviors continues.   We as parents  have had enough.  We've asked the coaching team to do something about it but to no avail.  We've asked Dollard


soccer to look into the matters and no actions.  In fact, not only did they not do anything, we are being bullied by the executive committee ourselves.  They


are trying to bury the issue.   Meanwhile, the boys on this soccer team continue to witness the bullying and disrespectfullness and are baffled that nothing


is done and that these behaviours continue on the fields.   We tell our children to NOT back down while in face of bullying.  We would hope that they would


stand up to this horrible cancer so we as adults should set the tone and be good models.  I am hoping that by bringing the spotlight to Dollard soccer that


these type of issues get the immediate attention and that it would be resolve quickly and justly.  



Bullies are not allowed on the fields regardless of who they are and who they know.  


A simple and logic statement and yet why is it not enforced at Dollard soccer??   



Hanh Nguyen


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