Will 70 yr. Old Danny Palladini Be Evicted for Questioning The Financial Statement of the Tenant's Assn?

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On Jan. 12 Danny Palladini will fight at the rental board against a group of people that do not seem to like him. Why don't they like Danny?

Danny is the type of person that recognizes problems and then acts to solve them. Thanks to Danny there is now a speed bump on his street! His street has a school a park and seniors' residences. It took "Diligent" Danny over 2 yrs to get the speed bump.

The lights at the soccer fields are often on when people are not playing soccer. Danny found out how many bulbs there are, what their wattage are and then called up Montreal and found out how much Montreal pays per KwH. Every taxpayer in Pierrefonds owes Danny a debt of gratitude.

There was an empty lot next to his building filled with junk. Thanks to Danny it is now a playground BUT someone else in the building decided to take the credit. Yes there are actually people live that.

Danny is such a "terrible" person that he received commendations from the MS Society, the LBP School Board and the Government of Canada.


There is something terribly wrong when people will lie about another in order to get them evicted. Fortunately for Danny he has assistance from some very capable activists and a lawyer who has dedicated her life to fighting for the underdog. Also jumping into the frey is the Coalition Against the Intimidation of Seniors. Unfortunately to a large degree it is other seniors who think that they can band together and do as they please. That is indeed unfortunate as if one plays with fire they may get burned.

For more information on the battle to keep a roof over the head of a good man we have a blog. We welcome everyone to read it, to act and to forward it: http://whyevictdanny.wordpress.com/

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