Pointe Claire caught with hand in the till

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Dear Mr Grenier/Macmercy:     Thank you for response.    Please thank the Mayor as well.          Though there are a few omissions and inconsistencies with the statements in your e-mail (see below I have copied from the city web site the exact bylaw amendment) . I see that there was no official advisory to the registered voters as to the amendment to this bylaw.       In performing a short survey with friends and neigborhs , not a one was aware we were limited to 6 items of garbage a week (many laughing out loud). I did point out that this was not a request of the city but of the new waist management companies contract put into place the first week of April 2009 stating`` it as the discretion of the driver``. (As confirmed by Genvieve at city works)     I understand that the law is the law and regardless of the stupidity of it I must obey.           As I am handicapped and on a disability pension I will have to decline your offer of removal of the garbage for $280.00 plus tax for two hours work.(ouch)     I estimate if i take care of the matter myself without any assistance it will take me approximately 22 hours over 7 days.     I will have to block south bound traffic on stillview avenue at 218 to ensure proper safety.     I was advised by workers at the city works if the person dies at home and the house is emptied the city works takes away the contents for free. Should I have waited.   Regards Eric Brais        PS Below is the amendment to the bylaw you mentioned it has only been in place for a few months. It correlates with the date of the new contract for the the garbage collection with the subcontractor.        -RM2746-01 Amended 2009 (by-law PC-2746-1 Article 1, adopted April 22, 2009) 13. On each collection day, the City will only collect: a) For a residential building other than a multi-family building: I. 6 acceptable containers, or II. 6 bundles of branches, or III. 1 combination of the 6 units contemplated in paragraphs I. and II. b) For a multi-family building, any container or combination of containers described in article 12 obtained by multiplying the number of dwelling units by 0.3 cubic metres (0.39 cubic yard).


On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Grenier, Jean-Pierre <GrenierJ@ville.pointe-claire.qc.ca> wrote:

M,Brais, following your EMail of two days ago on this subject, I would like to advise you that we have a By-law #RM2746 that exist for many years: "No more than 6 garbage bags per pick-up".

All  By-laws are  in our internet site, On this one, click  Public  Security for review.

It would have been wise to inquire on this matter BEFORE last Monday pick up.

The cost you would have to pay for the City to pick up your garbage bags is $282. plus taxes. Our public work department estimates that it would take 2 hours of work using a one and half ton truck.

Please contact them if you choose to do  so.  Otherwise you will have to find your own solution as you could be fine for keeping this huge amount of garbage in front of your house.  It is an eyesore and a health hazard to the citizens. And your taxes as well as mine don't cover this extra expense.


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