Difference Between AMD B550 Vs. X570 Chipset

Difference Between B550 Vs. X570 Chipset

Both the chipsets that I am comparing in this article today are manufactured by AMD and the model B550 was the one that many people were waiting for. This is the reason why I am comparing it with another chipset by AMD, which is the X570.

This comparison will be less about specifications and more about performance, expectations, and reality measures. To understand this better, firstly let’s understand what features these two have. Then the readers will be able to understand the comparison between the two better. The X570 might be known to some of the readers but it is better if they also read its brief introduction to make comparing easier.

What is B550?

This is a motherboard that was one of the most awaited ones from AMD. This is a project that people were expecting for a very long time which has finally arrived now and people are excited to know what it’s features are. This is a motherboard that uses the latest AMD B550 chipset. This is a kind of interface that connects the microprocessor with all other parts of the motherboard. This chipset is compatible with the Zen 3 CPUs in the best way. This is something that the B450 was not capable of. This in many ways is better than the older processors and chipsets launched by AMD.

Comparing B550 And X570

Let’s compare both these chipsets on various parameters and know which one is better and offers the best value for money:


Taking about the specifications, both the chipsets support the same CPU graphics, that is x16 PCIe Gen 4 and the storage support is PCIe Gen 4 as well. Most other things in these chipsets are also similar. The things that are different are the general purpose lanes and the CPU chipset uplink. In the X570 they are both PCIe Gen 4 and in the B550 they are PCIe Gen 3.


As we saw in the specifications, both of them look very similar, but if we talk about compatibility, they are not. The B550 has been designed for the future and that is why it has great support for the Ryzen 3000 series. This is something that is not available with many other chipsets and motherboards including the X570 and that is what makes it less compatible than B550. The market is growing for the chipsets that are ready for the future and that is the reason why the B550 took time in developing. The developers wanted to make sure that this project can sustain in the market that is changing very rapidly.


The biggest benefit of buying the B550 is the price at which it comes and the features that it provides. The X570 provided people with PCIe Gen 4 that is also available in the B550.

If you are buying Ryzen 7 37000x or Ryzen 7 5800x then go for X570 based chipset. B550 chipset motherboard will be the best motherboard for ryzen 5 5600x. People can get great features at this price which is in their budget. Both the chipsets are great in their own ways, and although their specifications look a lot similar they still are different. The B550 is more compatible and ready for future technologies.

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